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Qatarization is a process to recruit the Qatari citizen (of both sexes), provide training and development to qualify them handle significant positions in all sectors.

The process of development and qualification depends mainly on the level of the trainee and his efforts, but not the length of the training period. Our objective is the (qualitative Qatarization) which focus on the quality of the outputs but not the quantity.

The success of the Qatarization process needs more support and encouragement of all staff of the company, especially the cadres who enjoy high and varied experiences of Qatari and non-Qatari citizen, due to their important role in providing the necessary training for the young Qataris, develop their capacities, help them gain the practical necessary skills that qualify them to perform important jobs, in congruence with the work requirements and so as to achieve the objectives of the Qatarization and reach their goals. 


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