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In congruent with the instructions of government state of Qatar to privatize the public projects, engage the citizens in the development process, take economic decisions, provide suitable opportunities to invest their monies, and based on the resolutions of the Cabinet Council to privatize the mechanical slaughtering house, the study for the project to establish a comprehensive Qatari company for meat and livestock trading. In the beginning, the study included trading in livestock, meat products and management of the central markets. 

Opens nominations for it's board membership 2022


Widam Food Company announces the opening of nominees for the board memberships, years from 2022 to 2024. Applications will be accepted starting from 28/02/2022 till 03:00 PM of 10/03/2022.

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23 Feb 2022

Widam Food Company: Holds it's AGM and EGM on 04/04/2022 for 2021


Widam Food Company announces that the General Assembly Meeting AGM and EGM will be held on 04/04/2022, ALShomoukh Tower , Tower B , M Floor and 09:30 PM. In case of not completing the legal quorum, the second meeting will be held on 06/04/2022, ALShomoukh Tower , Tower B , M Floor and 09:30 PM 


- The Agenda of the Ordinary General Assembly:


1. To review the Board Director’s Report on the activities of the company and its financial position for the financial year ending 31/12/2021 and to discuss and approve the company’s future plans.

2. To review and approve the auditor’s report on the financial statements of the company for the year ending 31/12/2021.

3. To discuss and approve the company’s balance sheet and profit/loss statement for the financial year ending 31/12/2021 and The Board’s recommendation not to distribute cash profits.

4. To review and approve the Governance Report for the financial year ending 31/12/2021.

5. To absolve the Board of Directors’ Members of any liability for the financial year ending 31/12/2021 and to declare that no there is no compensation to be given to the Board Members.

6. To appoint the Auditors for the financial year 2022 and to determine their fees.

7. To elect a new Board Members for a period of three years (2022 -2024).


- Agenda of the Extraordinary General Assembly


1. To approve the proposed amendments to the company’s Articles of association, which are shown on the company’s website:

2. To authorize the Chairman of the Board or his authorized representative to take all necessary measures to amend the company’s Articles of Association.

Invitation form to attend the ordinary and extraordinary general assembly For the fiscal year 2021

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